Sharing iOS distribution certificate

Due to Apple only allowing one account to be Team Agent on its enterprise account and my team not having a build server I was given the task of attempting to discover how to "share" this certificate across multiple machines.

These instructions are to be performed on the machine which currently has the distribution profile installed:

  1. Open "Keychain Access"
  2. In "Category" panel, select "Certificates"
  3. Expand "iPhone Distribution: your name"
  4. Highlight both "iPhone Distribution: team agent name" certificate and "team agent name" private key
  5. Right click and select "Export 2 items"
  6. Select location to save p12 file
  7. Enter password - this will be used to install it on the other machine
  8. Save and transfer p12 file to second machine

Those instructions are to be performed on the second machine:

  1. Double click on p12 file. Keychain access should open
  2. Enter password for p12 file. You should now have a new private key in the logon section in Keychain access. N.B this private will have the same name as it did one the first name
  3. Log into "Team Agent" account on
  4. Select "iOS Provisioning Profile" link
  5. Select Certificates->Development tab, download and install certificate for Team Agent
  6. Double click to install to keychain
  7. Select Certificates->Development tab, download and install WWDR intermediate certificate
  8. Double click to install to keychain
  9. Select Provisioning->Distribution tab and download provisioning profile N.B it should be a .mobileprovision file, ifs its .cer you are in the Distribution tab of the Certificates section
  10. Drag onto Xcode icon to install

Congratulations you should now have your distribution file on two machines. Please post any questions and I'll attempt to answer them as best as I can.

Possible roadblock:

When double clicking on any of the any of the above files: "The system roots keychain cannot be modified" - You'll need to manually add the files to the appropriate Keychain by dragging them onto it so "System" for AppleWWDRCA.cer and "login" for development certificate.

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