Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

Today I sent most the morning attempting to discover why one of my targets was failing to build while other targets worked fine. A quick Google searched returned results with many people were experiencing this same issue. However it quickly became apparent that this error could be caused for many different reason but all seemed to involve ~info.plist (~info.plist is the name of your info.plist for that Target) and Build Settings.

Having spent a while comparing the ~info.plist files and target build setting I couldn't see anything that was different (other than those setting that had to be i.e. Bundle identifier, etc) and I stumbled upon the solution to by issue.


Right click on ~info.plist -> Select "Get Info" option -> Select "Targets" tab -> Untick Target Membership (tick box beside target name) -> Build and run -> Dance with joy!

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